Mocean subscription


Subscription Benefits

When it comes to owning a car, a Mocean subscription puts you in control. With nothing to pay upfront, you can return your car when you like.
Welcome to the driver's seat.

Cancellation subject to terms. Notice period and cancellation fee apply.

Breakdown Cover

No Deposit

Road Tax

Comprehensive Insurance

Maintenance & Servicing

New or nearly new

How do I subscribe?

In 4 Simple Steps

Step 1.

Select and Book Your Car

Step 2.

Get it Delivered

Step 3.

Enjoy Your Hyundai

Step 4.

And Repeat!

Why Mocean?


Short Cancellation Period

No Long-term Commitment

No Deposit

Maintenance & Service

Comprehensive Insurance

Road Tax

Option to Swap a Car Every 6 Months

Mocean Subscription How it works